Psychological safety and trust are at the core of our work and our products.

BETRUST is created to foster positive transformations and improve workplaces through game-based reflection.

Meet the team

Snorre Krogh - Visual storyteller with over 20 years of experience in the animation and advertising film industry. His playful pen and stylish stroke have contributed to everything from commercials to Netflix series.

Asger Bøving Brorholt Johansen - Holds a master's degree in literature and has worked for over 20 years in concept development, storytelling, and communication for companies like LEGO and DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation). Asger possesses a rare talent for translating theoretical content into engaging and accessible narratives.

Helle Ørsted - Passionate board member with many years of leadership experience, where relationships and trust have always been strengths. Helle is dedicated to meaningful work life, focusing on how we function as whole individuals and help others grow.

Louise Møller Nielsen - Works as a leadership advisor, facilitator, and communicator within the future of work, mental health, and regenerative leadership. Louise is interested in designing and shaping organizations that actively work with the close connection between well-being and business success.

Louise Sparf - Board member, long-time director and CEO, debater, and author focusing on the movement towards more meaningful work life and supporting the shift in leadership towards more regenerative and sustainable workplaces.

Mette Nielsen - Creative and passionate with many years of experience in the entertainment industry. Mette is as structured as she is thoughtful and present.